What are torrents? How to download movies with torrent?

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If you are using the internet for a while now, you must have heard the term torrent. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when someone says ‘torrent’?. 

Piracy, Yes the pirates use torrents as a medium to share files but torrents are much more than just piracy. In this article by Terminal Stack, we are going to see what torrents are and how they work!!

Terms we should know before learning about torrents

  • Leechers: These are the individuals who are willing to download files.
  • Seeders: These systems act as servers and upload files or say share them with other leechers
  • Swarm: The place where all the uploading and downloading takes place.

What are torrents?

Torrent is a file-sharing technique that works on the principle of peer-to-peer transfer. This might sound difficult but it is a very simple method and has an understandable structure. Let us understand this with an example, you are surfing on our website and our website starts with ‘http’ protocol this means the webpage has been uploaded on the server by the web developer and leechers are able to download the Html file directly from the server. What if the server has some issues? Now no one can download the file or the webpage. 

Similarly, torrent files use bitTorent protocol to connect to the server, but here every system which is seeding the file in the swarm acts as a server and uploads small units of data. Once a leecher has completed downloading the file. It acts as a seeder. Any individual can stop seeding if they want. The speed of the downloading depends upon the Seeders/peers ratio.

As the number of seeders increases the downloading speed also increases. So to make downloading faster for everybody, everyone in the swarm should seed the file.

Contents of a torrent file:

Torrent files end with ‘.torrent’ or have a hash code that leads to a link, this link is known as magnet. These types of files contain metadata, it is basically the information about the data that is being downloaded. It contains:

  • File Size
  • Folder Structure
  • Tracker Addresses


What are these trackers now? In peer-to-peer transfer, the tracker acts as a catalyst which enhances the communications between the peers. They match the compatibility between the seeder and leecher which leads to faster file transfer. To add a tracker to a torrent one has to insert the proper tracker address.

Why do pirates use torrents as a medium to share files?

Once the swarm is created the pirate is the only one seeding the file, now peers download the complete file from the pirate. Now when these peers start seeding, the coming leechers get the file from all of the seeders. So it is not necessary for the original pirate to seed the file anymore and he can just leave the swarm being completely anonymous. Because of this untraceability of the originator, it becomes an ideal platform for piracy.

How to download a movie or series using torrents:

Is this illegal? Yes, but it might be useful for you. So to download a movie or a file from torrent you first need to install a torrent streaming client. The most famous of these applications is bit-Torrent also known as uTorrent.  You can install this application from the link below: https://www.utorrent.com/downloads/win/

As most of the torrent streaming websites are illegal and are banned we need to install VPN to access these websites. To know about VPN checkout: https://terminalstack.com/what-is-a-vpn-virtual-private-network/ .

After enabling VPN, open the client application and search the movie you want in the search bar, it will redirect you to your browser and show results there. Open any of those websites and click on the download torrent option. It will automatically take you back to your client and there you will be able to see “downloading metadata”. Wait for some time and your downloading will begin. Make sure after downloading  you seed the file. 

Here are some powerful torrent websites that can get you any movie or series:






We hope you understand the working of torrent and found this article interesting. If you find this blog helpful do let me know in the comment section 🙂


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