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 If you are planning to opt for Web Development we are here to help you. In this article of Terminal Stack we will provide a brief knowledge about Web Development.

Web Development is basically a term referring to creating and maintaining a website. The word Web Development is made up of two words

Web: Referring to a website

Development: Building an application

Web Development also known as website development, while the one who is maintaining it is called web developer.

 Web Development is classified as:

  • Front-end development
  • Back-end development
  • Full stack development

Front-end development:

       Have you ever noticed any website and get fascinated that, why it looked like that, how does it popup or changes color when you click on something?  The reason behind it is front-end development it decides how the website is actually going to look, and everything that the audience see must be organized and interactive, its design and interactive appearance are all brought together by the professionals known as front-end developers.

       Front-end development also known as client-side development. To work with efficiency and without hassle, and to reduce monotonous tasks web development tools are used. Some of them are listed below:Chrome Dev Tools:

      It is a set of web developer tools which helps to edit and identify the problems quickly.

  • Bootstraps:

      It helps in designing website easily by providing templates for buttons, tables, etc.

  • AngularJS/ReactJS/VueJS:

      These are JavaScript based open-source frameworks used for making frontend of websites.

Font-end programming languages are:

  • HTML:

   Hyper Text Markup Language is the most basic language for creating any website.

  • CSS:

   Cascading Style Sheets is used to add fonts, layout, etc. 

  • JavaScript:

   This helps you design interactive frontend applications.

Back-end development:

        The most influential role in maintaining website is of back-end developer. This includes behind the scene actions while performing anything on website. Hence called as server-side development.

Some of the back-end web development tools are:

  • NodeJS:

      It is an open-source platform used for building scalable websites. It is perfect for data intensive real-time applications.

  • Postman API:

     This is a tool used to make it easier to develop APIs for websites

To know more about API check out this article of Terminal Stack:


Languages used in back-end development are:

  • PHP:

   This is used to manage and access data on a website.

  • MongoDB:

   This is used for storing data for a website.

  • MySQL:

My SQL make it easier to work with data using tables.

What about full stack development?

          Full stack developer is the one who works on both front-end and back-end part of a website. They can design entire functionality, interface of a website single handed. This is one of the most strenuous job as this needs more efforts than in any one of the above web developments. Even if professionals are called full stack developers, then also, they are expert in any one of the developments. Very few developers are able to handle both developments at a time.

      Multiple languages need to be learnt to be a great full-stack developer. But to gain mastery in all languages in a short period of time is not possible. So here are some of the languages recommended for Full-stack development for a beginner:

  • JavaScript:

   Add dynamic features to website and keep it interactive

  • Ruby:

   It is a dynamic, open -source programming language and provides just in time compilation.

Some skills to be learnt as a full-stack developer:


          It is a free version control system which keeps record of one’s source code. It makes collaboration of team easier and allows change by contributors.

   Machine Learning:

          It is a branch of artificial intelligence and a method of data analysis.

   Data structures and algorithms:

         Data structure is a way of storing data in an organized manner so as to use it effectively while algorithm is a collection of steps to solve a problem. Learning data structures and algorithms allows efficient programming.

Web Development- Future scope and career

Some of the fields where web designing has a huge scope:

  1. Digital Marketing
  2. Banking Industry
  3. Software Industry
  4. Entertainment Industry
  5. ecommerce Industry

      Employment in web development has increased in recent times and there is many more to come.  There are many more skills to be learnt if one chooses web development as a career because in this world of technology, everyday something is invented so learning and assimilating goes on. So, this would be a great career option as learning and earning go side by side.

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