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Web Development can get really difficult and unorganized especially if you are working alone. You need to do everything from color selection, layout designing and image selection to graphic designing. So it is necessary for web developers to have some tools in their pocket that they can use to make their work organized and life easier.

In this post of Terminal Stack, we will take a look at the top 10 free tools that every developer should be using right now! These are just 10 out of many tools, so if you want a part 2, do let us know in the comments! Without further ado, let’s jump into the post.



Description: Undraw is an open-source website launched in 2017 that offers thousands of SVG images for free and without copyright or watermarks. SVG images offer full customization and their quality does not decrease on increasing the image size which is why they are a great option for desktop websites. If you need to add SVGs in your projects, undraw is your place to go. Undraw is used by several huge companies such as Google, Microsoft, Meta and Adobe.

unDraw - Open source illustrations for any idea



Description: Ever wanted to put fancy high quality images on your website? Try Pexels, it offers millions of high resolution images in all dimensions from top photographers in the world! The best part? Images on Pexels are free of cost, copyright-free and watermark-free. You are free to use these images in your website though it’s always a good practice to provide them credits for offering such an amazing service.

Font Awesome


Description: Font awesome is the most famous icon and logo library in the world. They offer you thousands of logos and vector icons that you can place on your website for free. Though there exists a pro version of this, most of the features are available for free. These icons have many features, they have pixel perfect rendering, they are desktop friendly, they are fully customizable and alot more! Do check them out if you aren’t using it already!



Description: Founded in 2013, Canva has become the most used tool for graphic designing and customization. It is an Australian startup that offers numerous services. You can create anything from posters, blog banners, website hero images, cards, logos, etc. Recently canva even introduced a video editing feature, using which you can create high quality videos for free. Canva offers a pro version, which unlocks a lot of customized elements and several benefits but you can use most of the features for free.

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CSS Gradient


Description: As a web developer, deciding color scheme and gradient in a website can get really difficult, but not with CSS Gradient tool! This tool allows you to select the colors and gradients that you love and automatically generates code to implement them in your website. Next time you want to select color/gradient for your website, do make sure to check them out!

W3 Schools


Description: W3 schools is not really a tool but a website to learn about web development. It is probably the most popular website for web development. This website is really helpful when you just need a small reference, when you forget any small concept of web development, just google your query with w3schools query and you will find a solution on their website in top search results. This website is really helpful to revise web development concepts before starting to work on a project.



Description: Figma is a website used by professional UI designers to design the layout of a website, Figma is a tool that allows you to design and customize a website without actually writing a single line of code. Figma is free to use, though it offers a pro version with some extra features. Figma is really helpful if you want to design and check how your website will look with various color schemes and designs.

Be Successful With Figma: Unlock New Design Level | by Olha Bahaieva | UX  Planet



Description: SSShape is a free tool that allows you to build SVG images of any size and shape in just 2-3 clicks. It is one of the best websites to visit if you are trying to build an SVG image. It is 100% free and has a lot of features too, such as adding color, gradients or designs to your SVG.



Description: Coverr has a lot of high resolution free videos which can be used in the Hero section of your website, these videos are lightweight and thus they don’t harm the speed of your website. They also have a bunch of drone footage that look really cinematic and improves the look of your website.

Coverr: Over 300 Free Videos for Your Website | NOUPE

Minify Code:


Description: Large projects usually have an enormous amount of HTML and especially CSS in them, these can make the website slow and affect its performance. This is where Minify code comes to rescue. Minify code is a free tool which allows you to minify your HTML, CSS as well as Javascript code and reduce the size of your source folder. Next you are about to deploy a website, make sure to minify the code using this tool!

This was it for this Top 10 series of Terminal Stack, if you like this post and you want us to post the part 2 of this series, do let us know in the comment section. Make sure to share this post on social media so that it helps the maximum number of web developers.

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