The Rise of Technology – VR v/s AR v/s MR

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The Rise of Technology – VR v/s AR v/s MR

The Rise of Technology has reached such an extent that it is revolutionizing not only our present but also our future. Today we will learn about some of these technologies that are going to boom every industry in a magical way. Some of them have already arrived and rests are on their way to revolution.

Immersive Technology:-

The Word Immerse means generating a 3D image that appears to surround the user and the application of this for practical purposes in Industries is termed Immersive Technology.

Immersive Technology is a blend of virtual content brought down into the physical environment. It makes the user accept that virtual world as real and engages them to be a part of it for a long time. This help user reimaging the future and live it the way they want. Immersive Technology creates or extends reality by leveraging it to 360-degree space. It is done by immersing the user inside a digital environment, which includes various domains like a Web application, Healthcare, Transportation, Construction, Gaming, etc.

Immersive Technologies is a blend of the real and virtual world which comes out in 3 different levels –

  • Virtual Reality
  • Augmented Reality
  • Mixed Reality

Supporting Technologies comprises VR, AR, MR headsets, 3D display, 3D audio, Gesture recognition, Spatial sensing, Speech recognition, Haptics, Drones, Camera, and Omnidirectional Treadmills.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is a different world in which we are taken with the help of VR devices. This completely replaces the surrounding of the user with a virtual surrounding. It basically, tricks your brain into thinking that that’s your new reality.

This makes it possible to experience many wonderful things in an instant that might take a lot in the actual real world. VR started with the Air force as a part of their flight training program. This came out to be much cheaper and easier to provide a real-world practicing environment without actually creating it. Here, with the help of a VR headset, a new practitioner can assume their surrounding to be turned into a fighting scene and practice that situation. But the fun fact is that this all can be done without any fighting stuff like fighting maneuvers, shooting things, and ejecting and crashing of high-cost planes.

In easy we can say that, as use of Headphones completely take over our sense of sound, similarly, these headsets take over our sense of vision.

How does it work?

To Experience this you need a VR headset device. This device uses a stereoscopic display to make what you see 3D and to give depth to the image you are looking at. Besides vision, certain VR experiences will also include VR interactivity that allows the next level of interaction with the virtual world. That is, the user can move forward, backward, or turn around, and hence get a 360-degree view. When the user can move freely in that environment and even interact with the objects over there, then our brains can truly perceive that world as real, and thus comes “Virtual Reality”.

VR Gadgets:-

  • Oculus Rift
  • Oculus Go
  • HTC Vive Focus

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality includes placing digital objects in the real world. It doesn’t replace our surroundings as in virtual reality; instead, it makes our actual surroundings much cooler. According to studies, instead of isolating us even more in a tiny addictive thing everyone holding in their hands, AR will detach us from it & place the same data all around us in the real world.AR comes out to be a new way of learning about everything you come across. It adds elements to the real world we are living in.

For example, using Snapshop Showroom app you can figure out which furniture will suits the best in your house before you buy them. So here Virtual Furniture is the element added to the real world, i.e. in your room. This is somewhere in between VR and actual reality.

When real reality is not enough and virtual reality is too much, then Augmented Reality comes into play.

How does it work?

The technology behind the AR we see and use in our day-to-day life is that the camera detects a target image, and figures out how far or close the object is. Then, it projects digital information onto the target image and thus gives a scene of Augmented Reality.

Some of the recent users were head-up displays on fighter jets, allowing pilots to see important information projected before them on the windshields. This tech is also used in automobiles and eyeglasses. That is, now eyeglasses will be able to places reviews before you of the hotels when you see any. And also navigate you through the best route by adding virtual data in front of your glasses.

AR Gadgets:-

  • Vuzix Blade
  • Vuzix iWear

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Mixed Reality

Mixed Reality is the best of both worlds. It takes AR to a next level, where you can manipulate the digital objects overlaid onto the real world, which was not possible in AR. That is, we can turn them around, open them, lift them, zoom in, zoom out, and so on. MR’s main areas of application are in the field of Education, Training, Sports, Healthcare, Space mission, and even Construction.

For example, a medical student can study the human heart with the help of MR in a magical way. The Students can now hold the hologram of it and can manipulate it, and dive into every part of the heart to study it thoroughly. MR is still under study and will soon enter every industry making things amazing and even more interesting.

MR Gadgets:-

  • Google glasses
  • Microsoft Hololens
  • Magic Leap



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