7 Reasons why VS Code is the best code editor

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VS Code is one of the most favorite code editors of most programmers worldwide

It helps its users to write code, correct it with its IntelliSense method. In this post of Terminal Stack, we will learn why VS Code is the best code editor in the world!

Almost supports every programming language, User can modify the editor as per their usage which makes it more user-friendly.

Let’s learn why visual studio code is one of the best IDE for a Coder and Web developer.


  • Vs code provides us with a very clean, well designed  user interface.
  • From installing the extensions, everything in visual code feels simple and intuitive.
  • It has a lightning fast UI.
  • It also has cross platform support(Windows, macOS,Linux)

2.Setting up the Editor :

Vs code has a collection of more than 24000 extensions which helps it in expanding its own capabilities.

  • Although vscode supports plenty of different programming syntaxes, we need to install language extensions to use intellisense(Intellisense is a code completion tool that is built into microsoft vscode)
  • Intellisense is one of the key features why developers prefer vscode over other IDE’S.
  • When coding gets tough, the tougher gets debugging so vs code provides debugging features that developers miss most in a learner coding experience.
  • We need to correctly install the right extensions according to our needs to ensure a good coding environment .


There are almost thousands of extensions present in VS Code(marketplace)

extensions do serve a great purpose in coding like:-

  • Ui themes to git integration,programming language support and debugging.
  • To get your software up to the benchmark, extensions are really important to customize your software.
  • Extensions are the one what it makes vs code currently is.
  • We can also make our own extensions with help of some javascript and typescript.

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4.Open Source contribution :

  • Since vs code is a free software although we can contribute through open source to improve it.
  • Contributing through open source also increases our community engagement.

5. Repository:

  • Vscode is connected with git so we can pull or save repositories for the time being.
  • Resources can be pulled through GitHub Repo online. It also means that we can clone the code which is available on the internet. This code can be changed and saved later.

6. File Handling:

  • Code files are present in some files and folders, required code files also have some files,which are needed for complex projects to increase their readability and understanding, one can delete those according to their convenience.

7. Focus mode, split views:

  • Sometimes we need less distraction so we can just focus on our code so vs code provides us a feature known as Focus mode(Zen mode).
  • If someone likes to work on multiple editors open at same time for the same projects vscode also enables us with this feature.   


With increasing advancements, day by day VS Code is going to play a major role in the area of software development, vs code will allow us to work with it anywhere and keep one ahead of everyone in this ever-increasing market. This editor can adapt many languages and technologies available in the market, sometimes it may take time to find out these little helpers across the market 

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