Misconceptions about Technology

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      Technology industry is complex, dynamic and it evolves every single day. Everyday something or the other invention is made. So, it becomes difficult to be updated about every information released. Here, misconceptions or you can say misbeliefs or myths arise. We have listed out the most common misconceptions about technology to know which myths you still believe. 

  • Higher the megapixels better the picture quality

       We end up taking higher megapixels mobile phones for best picture quality. However, the quality of a photo depends upon the quality of lenses, sensors. Camera with high quality lenses and sensors but a low megapixels count gives a higher quality picture than a camera with low quality of lenses and sensors and high megapixels count. 

  • Use of Incognito mode or private browsing is anonymous 

     Most people think the use of incognito mode is private. Incognito mode is used when you want to hide your browsing history from family members or any person. But the website manager and Internet service provider are still able to track your steps. 

  • Web and the Internet are same 

      It’s a blunder that many people believe the world wide web and the internet are synonymous. The Internet is a network of networks which connects millions of computers across the planet. On the other hand, World Wide Web (www) is a collection of webpages. We can say www is a service provided by the internet. 

Misconceptions about Technology
  • More bars on mobile phone means better service

        We often get excited when more bars are displayed on a mobile screen. But that’s not the case, bars indicate the strength not the quality of service. You might have your Wi-Fi connection on maximum but still receive least or no signal at all. Why is this so?  Factors affecting the quality is the number of people connected to the same service and the service provider too.

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  • Shutdown computer/laptop every night

   When computers were first introduced it was advised to shutdown the device so that it would last longer. As technology evolved, it was no longer suggested for frequent shutdown of computers. Instead you can utilize ‘Sleep Mode’ for power conservation and the device is ready to use as soon as it is turned on.

  • Third party chargers are harmful

      The charger which comes with newly bought mobile phones  are the most efficient and charge the phone faster. Due to some reasons, we may need to buy the charger again. But is it worth going for the original charger? Research has shown that third party chargers are not harmful for your device until and unless the chargers belong to a licensed and reputable brand. 

  • Refreshing your computer will make it work faster

       This is the most common myth still believed by most of the people. Refresh button does not refresh your whole device; it just refreshes the current screen. For example, if you have copied something to a certain file but you are unable to see it. So, after refreshing you will see the updated content. 

  • Antivirus provides 100% protection to PC against Viruses

        Installing antivirus software is effective in detecting and getting rid of viruses. However, we can’t rely entirely on such software because everyday new types of viruses try to invade our device. But most of the viruses are filtered so it’s pretty good to use antivirus software.

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    These are some of the most common misconceptions about technology. Some myths need more research. Be smart and conduct your own research before believing in any information. Hope this article has helped you. Do let us know which myths you believe and comment down if you want to know more and be aware of such rumours !



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