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# About KWOC

Kharagpur Winter of Code is a 5-week long online program for students who are new to open source software development. The program not only helps students to get involved in open source but also prepares them for many open-source summer programs; Google Summer of Code is one of them.

KWoC provides a great opportunity to get acquainted with Github along with Git commands and contribute to open source efficiently and Brush up your coding skills

If you love coding and want to learn about software development then KWoC helps you to get a glimpse of it and gives you a head start. With KWoC, you get to know about how to select a project, interact with mentors and learn all other things that prepare you in the best way for the next GSoC.

# Selecting Projects

Over the month, we were provided with a lot of projects, and we had to choose as many as we want. Having learned frontend, I wanted to try projects which were based on Html, CSS, Javascript, and ReactJs.

There were a few projects that I wanted to try, namely notation-convertor, medicare, and Linked_Out. Some of them were quite utility-based, so I wanted to try and understand the code logic, and add features as possible. I started my open source contribution, by cloning them to my laptop and exploring the code-base. 

# Notation convertor

This project is an application that converts infix, prefix, and postfix notations from one notation to another, and also visualizes the process of conversion. This helps students easily grasp the fundamentals, such as the way of calculation, as well as the data structures used behind the scenes.


MediCare is a one-stop location to discuss different medical milestones, and AI Disease prediction systems, locate nearby hospitals to get proper medical care, and finally, a translator to get the whole web app in the language one is comfortable with and hence dissolve any communication barrier. This solution with shorten the gap between the people around the world in search of good healthcare and pave a path in the journey of recovery.

# Linked_OUT

This Project is aimed to solve the problems of beginner and intermediate programmers who want to collaborate with other like-minded individuals over any project, In this way 2 or more completely unknown persons with similar skill-sets and willing to do a project or collaboration can find themselves on the platform and team up to proceed about it.


This project is a Google Chrome extension to save notes for future reference. The user should be able to input custom notes with headings, as well as select text from the current page he/she is in, right-click on it, and click a Save option to save it.

#My Stats

# Links to the PR, I have created and successfully merged

PR#11; PR#14; PR#20; PR#38; PR37; PR35; PR#23; PR#32; PR#24; PR#15; PR#11; PR#13


My experience with Kharagpur Winter of Code has been quite good, considering for the beginners, and testing out all the aspects of Open Source Development.

I also learned the mannerism of communicating with mentors and all the people associated with this. Overall, I am looking forward to a good session of learning new languages, in order to complement my Open Source Contribution.

I want to thank my mentor for his guidance in this project. It was a great learning experience for me. I want to thank KOSS, IIT KGP for conducting this beginner-friendly program. This program helped me to learn what open source projects are and how to contribute to them.

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