InShot- The Best Video Editing Mobile Application Which You Can Use in 2022

Are you confused about the best free video/photo editing software for your mobile device?

I have used many applications, most of them were not free. As per my experience with all these applications,‘Inshot’ gives us the most number of features and has the most user-friendly interface.

In this article by Terminal Stack, we will know more about this application.

How to select the video you want to edit?

Click on the video button and select the ‘NEW’ option. Now select video’s or images you want in your final video. Then click the green tick to proceed, now your videos will be arranged in the order you had selected. You can also add more videos from the plus button in the bottom left corner.


How to select the aspect ratio or the resolution of your video in Inshot?

Click on the first option of the panel that is ‘Canvas’ . Now you can select the format of your video. There are multiple options such as Youtube, Tik-tok, IGTV etc.

How to add music to your video in Inshot ?

Click on the music option then you can add any track and also apply transitions when your music changes. Also you can edit your music track in the application itself. This feature of InShot makes it superior to other video editing softwares. Also you can extract the music from the video.

How to add images to your video in Inshot?

Click on the stickers option then you will have many options to add Emojis, GIFs etc. But if you want to add an image from your device or downloads then you can click the gallery symbol and add your image from the ‘+’ option.

How to add text to your video in InShot?

By selecting the text option you can add the text. You can select the Font size, Font style, Font color. Also, you can select the animations you want to give to your text and adjust the visibility duration of your text. All these features are available for free without any watermarks in the final product.

 How to install this application?



You can install the applications from Playstore or AppStore.

I hope this blog will help you to make and edit amazing videos.

If it helps you, please let me know in the comment section. 🙂

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