Social media plays a big part in our lives. Most of us are spending an average of two hours every day liking , posting , sharing and updating on these platforms. 

On the positive side we can use social media productively to better and educate ourselves.

Below are some popular social media platforms and ways to use them more mindfully and productively –


LinkedIn is a social network that focuses on professional networking and career development. Many students have a misconception that linkedIn is beneficial only for professionals and businesses. But it is very useful for college students as well. College students can use LinkedIn to establish a professional online presence,which is important for getting jobs, internship and volunteer opportunities. Below are some ways to use linkedIn to your advantage.

  • Create a professional profile consisting of formal and decent looking photo
  • Write strong profile summary
  • List your skills
  • Describe your education and experience
  • Join professional groups
  • Follow pages of your  field of interest to stay updated and focused.
  • Explore companies
  • Build social relationship with professionally active and like minded people
  • Apply for jobs
How to use social media productively
How to use social media productively


Instagram and facebook are the most popular social media apps. Most of us use them for entertainment purposes. But it is a great platform for learning as well. Benefit of Instagram for students:-

  • Instagram can serve as a great online marketing tool. We can advertise products / services through images, posts, stories etc. and start earning at an early age. Read learn digital marketing from scratch! to know more about it.
  • Social media accounts give you an opportunity to be creative. We can experiment things and discover our field of interests.
  • Learn photography
  • Open an art page displaying your artwork 
  • Follow educational & informative accounts/ pages to gain knowledge and stay updated.
  • Through Instagram / Facebook we interact with different people, share opinions ,chat. This  increases our social circle and improves language skills.


Quora is a platform to gain and share knowledge. It is a question and answer website where questions are asked ,answered ,followed and edited by internet users. Ways to benefit from quora :-

  • We can easily ask any questions and get expert advice on any topic .
  • Follow topics and people that interest you.
  • Add answers to the question you know and uplift your profile 
  • We get knowledge from intellectual and good questions.


Blogs such as TypePad or WordPress are great ways to share our thoughts and knowledge with the world . some advantages of blogging are :

  • Blogging  also refines our writing skills. 
  • Blogging grows our online network.  
  • We can also make money through blogs. 
  • It increases our online exposure.
  • We can create our own content.
  • We can learn web designing through blogging.

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