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Udemy recently updated it’s coupon settings after which it disabled coupons for Indian users.

Udemy is a very popular learning platform in India and it is used by millions of Indians for learning new skills. In this post of Terminal Stack, we will teach you how to redeem Udemy coupons in India.

Step 1: Download VPN

VPN is an application that hides your IP address from websites and thus they can’t track your real IP address.

We recommend you to download Turbo VPN from Play Store, as it is completely free and offers a very smooth and uninterrupted connection. It is a very small application with a size of less than 20MB.

Playstore Link: Turbo VPN

Note: The above link is not sponsored.

Step 2: Change location

Using VPN, change you location to any country in Europe or North America, now when you browse through websites, your real IP will be shadowed by the IP address of the chosen VPN server.

Step 3: Open Link

Open the coupon link in incognito mode of your browser and enroll for the course, you should now to able to get the course at $0 price!

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