How to free up Storage in your android device?

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 In this digital era, we use mobile phones several hours a day and hence the phone’s storage gets filled up really quick. When phone’s storage is full it slows down and working on such a device becomes annoying. However, it isn’t worth going for a new device every 3 to 4 years only due to insufficient storage. In this post of Terminal Stack, you will get to know how to free up a large amount of phone storage and thus make it faster.

Tips to free up space

Clear cache

      A Cache is a reserved storage location that collects temporary data to help websites, browsers load faster. Cache data includes just junk files. Deleting it won’t save ample space at once but will add up. To clear cache

  1. Go to Settings then
  2. Apps
  3. Select the app of which cache is to be cleared
  4. Click Storage
  5. Tap Clear Cache

Delete unused files

     We have some photos which have no use in the future so keep deleting them. Videos due to its high resolution take a lot of storage space so either move it to your computer or if not so important then delete it. Also, pictures taken during last dinner are of no use after uploading a story on Instagram or status on WhatsApp so delete it there and there itself. 

Go for cloud storage service

     Cloud storage helps to store files online over the internet. The easiest way to free up space on your android device is to opt for cloud storage services such as Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, etc. One may go for free or paid Cloud storage service. But the service is free only up to certain limit beyond that one has to pay. 

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Uninstall unused applications    

      Very often we need a random app only once so if it is unused for long just uninstall it. According to the latest report a person has nearly 80 apps installed on their device out of which an average person uses 9 apps on a daily basis. 

To delete unused apps 

  1. Touch and hold on an app
  2. Tap Uninstall 
  3. Select Confirm

Reset your device

       If you are having a serious problem of space shortage then you may reset your phone but make sure your important data is backed up on a storage device or in the cloud. 

Transfer files or use file manager

       There are some files, photos and videos which are hardly used, so transfer it to SD card or USB.  Earlier, companies used to provide SD card slots so that users can have external storage and it was expandable too. SD cards are slower in read/write in speed as compared to the internal storage. Users found their devices are getting slower may be due to SD card slots. However, companies decided to remove it. Yet some of the companies are providing the slots so you may go with it. 

       If you are using your android device for months, you must have accumulated outdated and duplicate or simply unwanted files that are consuming space. File managers such as Google Files have the feature of sorting out junk files, duplicate files. One need not to do it manually. Here you have a chance to view the files before moving it to trash. So, it’s quite time saving and organized. 

Delete old messages

     When a person sends or receives messages, his/her phone automatically stores them for safe keeping. If the text contains photos or videos, it will occupy some space. So, deleting it will boost storage space a bit.

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