E-Learning – Need of the hour

In this post of Terminal Stack, we will be talking about what is eLearning, What are advantages and disadvantages of eLearning and how to go for eLearning.

What is E-learning?

     Here, E stands for electronic. Teaching and learning using electronic resources is E-learning also known as distance learning i.e. by sitting at our own place we can learn anything from anywhere in the world at any time as per our convenience and schedule. Presence of a teacher and a learner at a time does not matter in this process. It provides the guidance from experts from all over the world. Learner can learn from any teacher across the globe and hence travelling is no barrier. Content delivery of tutors is on point.

     We all are familiar with the fact that from last year whole world has witnessed ups and downs, shutdown of countries, etc. But it didn’t affect the process of learning much and here, the technology of e-learning has come to our rescue. Even when the entire world was under lockdown, learning and teaching process was going on and hence concept of e-learning got preference.

Scope of E-learning in the years to come:

    E-learning has seen the tremendous growth in past few years whether it may be in corporate sector or education sector. In future, with more updates e-learning is going to be more interesting. There will be no such necessity to have physical books instead digital books help a lot. Digital library will make its place. But e-learning professionals have to work hard for effective and attractive digital content.

     Most of the learners are preferring e-learning over traditional method because it is allowing them to learn according to their pace and interest. If the work goes with one’s interest the chances of productivity is quite high because one opts for e-learning when he/she wants to achieve something different. He/she will manage time from his regular chores and tasks for learning. Thus, it also results in time management.

How to go for E-learning?

    E-learning allows learner to study with comfort from their own place all that is needed is a good internet connection, mobile/laptop/PC. Various of applications and websites are available which provides e-books, video lectures, manuals, notes, recorded lectures and live teaching too. Students can solve their doubts through live lectures, chat with tutors or can directly contact teachers.

Points to be remembered while going for e-learning:

  • Take a review of available courses
  • Just overlook what is in demand
  • Sort according to the need
  • Pick out those which are under one’s budget
  • Finally choose the best one

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E-learning have several advantages over traditional method of learning. Some of them are listed below:


  • Access to various resources
  • Convenient for a learner and a teacher too
  • Illustrations, graphics help understand faster
  • Affordable for students
  • Related stuff is easily available online

     We all know every coin has two sides likewise, e-learning too has advantages (described above) and disadvantages. Here are some of the disadvantages of e-learning:


  • Less social interaction
  • Needs self-discipline
  • Lacks practical knowledge
  • May cause solitariness to a learner
  • Face to face communication is missing
  • Cheating by student/learner during assessments

    All these is related to learning but what if any teacher/tutor is planning to create online platforms for student’s learning. Here is the answer:

    First of all, the most important part is planning, analysis and strategize.

Knowing your audience/need of the hour:

    The demand of students, what they need to know can help in interesting content creation.

 Data collection:

     The knowledge to be delivered must be summed up and sorted.

Course creation:

     Availability of e-books, interesting and intuitive lectures, notes to be provided.

Publishing and promotion:

     Course must be available for all the learners.     

    One thing we must acknowledge that one should not stop learning. Age, time, money, place, etc. must not be the barrier between the process of learning. So, keep learning.

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