Do you really need to pay to learn programming?

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Definitely not! Many of us think that the ones paying for it will end up with the best, and yes it’s obvious to think that it will be at least better than free resources but that’s not the thing. When one has high quality free resources, why choose a paid one! In this post of Terminal Stack, we will talk about how you can learn to code without paying!

The very first and most important thing is to decide the learning type. So one needs to choose amongst the two or both:

A. By Reading the text.

B. By Watching videos.

Understand this! Learners won’t get everything in one place…and I have tried to mention all the best resources here from my personal experience.

Learning Process:

1. Youtube is the best resource. Here, you just have to pick a good Youtuber and follow him/her. 


– Knowledge of professional coders.

– They will warn you to avoid predictable mistakes.

– Some will have tips and tricks.

– Proper guidance and mentorship from those who have expertise in that field.

I’ll list some of them:-

-> Code With Harry (Brahmastra)

-> Derek Banas

-> LearnCode Academy

-> Apna College 

->Clever Programmer

2. First you need to understand that learners should have multiple resources known. If one is an enthusiast then he/she must explore the things around.

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3. There are many good websites too

 If one chooses reading as their type, then almost each and every topic can be found and learned through these sites. You’ll get some awesome stuff here. 

 -> (free and public articles)

 -> Tutorials Point

 -> freeCodeCamp(not for C and Cpp)

 -> w3school

 -> Code Academy ( some of the things are pro subscription here but as I said earlier try it and explore it✌)


 The major benefit is Apps are well managed. So it’s easier to learn from them.


 I personally study and simultaneously practice from sololearn.


  •  It’s all way free for beginners but a pro subscription to learn deeply.
  •  Around 900 topics covered
  •  Languages like HTML, Java, CSS, Python, Kotlin, C++, C, C#, Swift, Ruby, SQL, and many more.
  •  Free and OFFLINE.
  •  One can Practice problem codes too, based upon easy, medium, hard levels. 
  •  It’s a community, connecting millions of people around the world. This thing helps in clearing doubts. The most difficult part while learning free is to solve the doubts. And the answer is simply to discuss those doubts in the community.
  • It consists of small modules followed by questions on basic concepts. So that’s where one can test themselves. Then and there 🙂


– You won’t get a certificate for completion of a particular course for free. One needs to have a pro subscription. 

– It lacks in providing content for advanced coders.

[Secret advice]: 14 days pro subscription for free. So when you complete your free resources there, take these 14 days free and try to devote your next 14 days to sololearn. It will be much helpful to acquire that flow and to test your learning]

Other apps:

  • Codegym is an Android app for learning Java development.

What does it offer?

– Writing your code.

– Fixing existing code.

– Self-consistent mini-projects and games.

  • Programming Hub (choose if and only if you are comfortable with this) 
  • Datacamp (Python, R, SQL)

After finding resources, the next step is going to be PRACTICE while learning (simultaneously).

There are several questions for practice available on different websites. Do as much as you can! Comment down to get more info. Or you can join our discord server and chat with me. 

Personal advises:

  • Don’t rush yourself, take your time in the beginning. Once you have good practice you will surely make it.
  • While solving problems, start thinking from basic math, think about the algorithms. Until you find the solution, practice more and more.

Happy learning! Good luck!



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