Dark Web – The Other Side of the Internet

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The dark web is that part of the internet that is not visible in our regular search engines. To access the dark web, we need an anonymizing web browser. The dark web is used to keep internet activity anonymous and private. Thus, it has become a haven for all illegal activities.

Understanding the Dark web

In the mid-1990s, the United States Defense Department developed an encrypted network to protect the secret communication between spies. This secret network would not be available for ordinary internet users. They called it ‘The Onion Routing (TOR)’. The onion routing protects the data sent by wrapping it with various layers of encryption where the innermost layer contains the original data. Tor accessible sites use the “.onion” registry operator. Tor browsers access your web page request through a series of proxy servers worldwide, making your IP address untraceable. 

Surface Web Vs Deep Web Vs Dark Web

You can breakdown the internet into three separate categories –  

All the public websites that can be accessed through regular search engines are part of the surface web. These websites have registry operators like “.com” or “.org”. These websites are easy to access as everything is indexed by search engines.

The deep web is not fully accessible through regular search engines. The deep web includes a fee for service sites or requires sign-in credentials. Deep web such as Netflix, Amazon prime are visible on the web but most of the content is not visible. Users have to pay and create a login ID to use these sites. It is just like the surface web with a bit more secrecy.

Dark web websites are only accessible via specialized web browsers. It is around 5% of the total internet. It helps people to maintain privacy.

Content on the Dark web

The dark web also hosts harmless content but it is known for its illegal and disturbing content.

You can buy login credentials, illegal drugs, guns and any toxic chemicals.

The dark web and cryptocurrency make it easier to hire someone and commit a murder.

The most depraved things on the dark web are child pornography, human trafficking, the sale of body parts, etc.

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Accessing the Dark web

Accessing the dark web is much easier than you might think. You just have to download dark web browsers like TOR browser and type in the URL with the “.onion” registry operator. But it’s difficult to find the material you are looking for because there is no index or ranking system on the dark web. Uncensored hidden wiki offers some websites which include illegal sites too.

If you browse the dark web, make sure that –

  • Your TOR browser is up to date.
  • Always use VPNs for extra protection.
  • Don’t use your regular email address.
  • Always cover your webcam with tape. 

Surfing the dark web can be dangerous –

  • Some websites may infect your device with viruses.
  • There are hacker forums on the dark web, they may try to hack your system.
  • Many websites try to get remote administration tools onto your device. This can lead to someone hacking your webcam.

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The legality of the Dark web

Accessing the dark web is not illegal. It is made for user autonomy. It helps people to maintain privacy and freely express their views. Whistleblowers and political dissidents are frequent users of these sites. 

The legality of the dark web basically depends on how you as a user engage with it. You may use it legally for the protection of freedom or may fall to the illegal side.

So be sure, you have followed every safety measure while browsing the dark web. Comment down your thoughts about the dark web.

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