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Episode [0] Introduction:

HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) is the most basic language of web development, it is used in almost every website. You can imagine HTML as a skeleton of a website, it defines the structure of any webpage and is the basic building block of a website.

Fun fact: HTML is not really a programming language, you cannot use conditions, variables, etc in it but the most widely known symbol of programming (</>) is actually HTML.

In this series Conquer HTML, we will take you from the very basic level of HTML and eventually lead you to the advanced concepts. Make sure to start reading this series from the very start for the best outcome, by the end of this course you would be able to:

  • Answer any concept based question of HTML
  • Build a simple website using HTML
  • Proceed to learning CSS using this knowledge

We recommend you to use Windows VS Code as your code editor, it is free to use and also the most popular IDE in the world. The best part about it are the thousands of extensions available that makes coding much easier using starter templates and abbreviations.

To Download VS Code, just visit: Official VS Code Download

So let’s get started!

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