Conquer HTML Ep[9]: Course Finale

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Wrap Up:

Congrats on getting this far in the Conquer HTML series! So far you have learnt a lot about HTML basics. To sum it up, you have learnt:

  1. What are tags, elements in HTML and starter template of any HTML file.
  2. How to open your HTML file in a local browser.
  3. How to format different types of texts in HTML.
  4. What are attributes and how to use them.
  5. How to add comments in your file and how to use them effectively.
  6. How to add links, images, lists and tables.
  7. Some basic concepts of styling using div, id and classes.

Now make sure to try these concepts and examples in your favourite IDE and try out your own experiments!

What’s next?

Now you are ready to move to CSS, that will help you style your website and make it look beautiful. We have already released our Conquer CSS series that will help you proceed to learning CSS with the knowledge you have gained so far!

So make sure to head over there once you feel confident in your HTML skills!

Good Luck!

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