Best websites and apps for beginner programmers in 2022

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In the era of the 21st century with the growth of technology, people had started learning languages. Oh! But not the local languages, yeah it is also necessary to develop that skill as we live in a diverse country.
Here we are talking about the programming language “The language which helps to communicate with the machine especially computers”.
So if you are looking forward to exploring this, you have been headed to the perfect site, here you will come across the solutions to all your queries.

Here is the list of websites to start your programming journey:

Khan Academy:

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, and SQL these basic languages are covered, not the vast ranges but as they are basic ones it is expected for beginners to explore those, concerning this, Khan Academy is the most convenient website, to begin with.

It engages learners with code practice and flashcards once an educator has finished teaching, participants can test their capability by going through the challenges given in a particular section.

It’s a great advantage that it is completely free and doesn’t distract with the ads.

Code academy:

This is no lesser than a treasure for the people who are looking for exploring the max of max courses, as it serves the learners with a variety of beneficial courses like Data science, Web development, Python, JavaScript, etc.

All the  60 courses are taught with a particular algorithm, live stream,  explanations, instructions, and daily practice with a code editor for students to practice their knowledge.

Code academy doesn’t offer certificates for its free courses as Bit Degree does. To get them, consider purchasing the Pro plan, which costs $19.99/month. College students can enjoy a 35%discount.


It is India’s no.1 internship and training platform with 4000+ paid internships in different fields, it covers the topics like python, data science, web development, marketing, and many more.

All the topics are taught with a bunch of videos by the well-experienced faculty. It gives the opportunities of getting trained with the skills like Creative writing, Ethical hacking, Advance excel, etc

It certificates the learner and internships are also free but if the employer demands a full-time job, the fee of INR 4999 is charged.

Free Code Camp:

It’s one of the trusted websites as the faculties are the alumni who have secured jobs at distinguished companies like Google, Apple, and Spotify.

You can learn how to code from the mobile device as its learning and code editing interface are responsive. After finishing all the available modules, consider giving the challenges a try to hone your coding skills.

Students get the free certification after completing a course with a 3000+ curriculum.

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Solo learn:

This is one of the best websites for beginners cause it provides comfort to learn at our own pace. It covers the courses like web development, data science, and machine learning.

Learners can save the code from previous lessons to review them further.

Users can earn a certificate to increase their employability but to upgrade the pro version to remove ads and access more practices to sharpen their coding skills. The price is $5.83/month on an annual subscription and comes with a 14-day free trial.

You can not carry your Laptop or Desktop at all the places to code so it’s convenient to use the apps. Here is the list of the best apps:

Programming Hub:

It’s one of the most beneficial apps for learning programming languages, it almost covers 18 different languages, helps to build the skill in programming languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, R programming, etc.

It helps to learn an individual at its own pace, besides courses it helps to excel in coding examples and compilers, some other features include concept-based illustrations and regular updates of course content.

It is available in both the version that is Android and iOS but if you would like advanced features, you will have to pay and subscribe.


It is a great way to manage your GitHub repositories, It helps to keep an eye on your projects. There are 50 lessons in each course that you can learn at your own pace, lessons are categorized into 4 levels which you can do according to your coding knowledge.

It is an open-source platform striving to have all features of GitHub where you can create, update and filter your issues, repositories, source code, and more in any way that suits you the best. 

It is free only for public repositories, for access to private you need to subscribe it’s the pro version. It has its version in Android and iOS.


It will turn out the best app if you are a complete beginner cause it covers almost all the basic programming language and creates an environment to learn it at your own pace.

You can access coding lessons, tutorials, and can also solve the challenges, and can compete with Mimo’s coding community. It has access to both iOS and Android versions.


It is an award-winning app useful for beginners as well as experts with 20+ programming languages.  It personalizes to choose at least 2 topics to get started and organizes lessons into different levels: from beginners to experts allowing you to learn the parts you want. 

You can engage yourself in discussions, team up with colleagues and friends, and can also track their progress. It has versions in Android and iOS


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