Best Resources to learn Object-Oriented Programming In 2022

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Do you want to learn OOP? In this post of Terminal Stack, we will share with you some of the best resources for learning OOP’s. From this article, you can prepare for your MCQ exam, college exam, interviews, and practice OOP’s. If you are confused about which language to choose for OOP I must recommend you to read this article on Terminal Stack

What is OOP:-

Firstly I want to tell you what OOP is. OOPS is abbreviated as an Object-Oriented Programming system in which programs are considered as a collection of objects. Each object is nothing but an instance of a class. OOP is an approach to program organization and development that attempts to eliminate some of the pitfalls of procedural programming. Object-Oriented Programming has the capability of programming/coding (more precisely, MODELLING) any (most of) real-world scenarios. 

Note: C++ is not purely object-oriented, JAVA is a purely object-oriented programming language

We are going to look at a bunch of resources so that you can find the perfect way you want to study OOP’s. These are mentioned below:-

·        Websites

·        Courses

·        Articles

·        Books

For MCQ exam or revision:-

If you want to study for any MCQ exam or coding challenge, these 3 resources are a must-have for you. Like you can go through them in under 15 minutes and if you have just started your programming career, it will be a perfect start for you.

  • YouTube:- Videos on OOP’s by Programming with Mosh
  •  The article by punitkmr :-
  • GitHub repository by Madhav Bahal:-

Websites to practice OOP’s

These  websites are going to if you want to learn basic definitions, the things that can be asked in your college exams

1. Edureka

2. Careerguru

3. Sanfoundry

4. javatpoint


If you want to study the OOP’s deeply you can prefer the video courses

·        YouTube:-

1. OOP’s video by MIT

–         This video is freely available on YouTube.  All the courses by MIT are very short, like from one to three hours maximum. It will not take much of your time.

2. OOP’s video by FreeCodeCamp

–         This is also another best channel to study the OOP’s on YouTube. They have given a good explanation of every concept.

·        LinkedIn learning:-

LinkedIn Learning is a kind of Coursera or Udemy course. It has a lot of resources but they are paid. This is a very good resource if you want to buy the paid courses.


 If you like reading from books, here is a list of books I can suggest:-

·   Head First – Object-Oriented Analysis And Design

·   Head First- Design Patterns

·   Head First- Java


For MCQ practice:-…

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