Artificial Intelligence and its scope

Artificial Intelligence is always assumed to be associated with Robots but it is merely not true because it includes the working of mini machines technology based on human intelligence.
Students often look for it as a profiting career and show a great interest in it due to its fascinating work in the future and also being inspired by a fictional movie.
Do it is really worth having such a great magnificent to it?
In this article of Terminal Stack, you will come across the answers to your questions !!

1.Can Artificial Intelligence be a selective option for a career ?

AI is currently contributing to wide applications in different fields. To establish a career in AI aspirants need to possess technical skills.

Career opportunities in AI are:
1.AI Engineer
2.Research scientist
3.Product manager
4.Business intelligence developer
5.Data scientist

2.In India, Does the AI market have a successful economy?

AI technology has been classified as an emerging technology segment, in present, it is been dominated by MNC Technology and the
GIC or captive firms. Indian startups, Domestic firms have not made a significant investment in the Indian AI market.
But, The AI market however has transformed,
Computer Vision Market Study and the AI and Analytics start-up investment study, the Data Science space in India, especially the AI function, is evolving into an innovative enterprise segment and even MNC technology, Domestic, Advanced Engineering, Healthcare, and Semiconductor firms are now developing advance AI capabilities in India.

3.Which Institute in India may help to master this?:

  1. Indian Institute Technology, Hyderabad
  2. Chandigarh University
  3. Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology, Delhi
  4. Great Lakes International University, Andhra Pradesh
  5. Vellore Institute of Technology, Bhopal
    Eligibility for above colleges are:10+2 with Physics, Chemistry and Math as compulsory subjects with at least 50% marks in the aggregate.

4.What are the pros and cons of AI?:


1.AI is beneficial in reducing human power:
It works upon the intelligence, so the activities of calculating, thinking, and other manual tasks are performed by these machines reducing the power of humans to perform them.

2.Makes errorless decisions:
As machines are constructed with the prior technology they make no error in their working despite any technical issue.

3.Reduces risk:
This technology is used in cybersecurity and in passwords of our smartphones which helps to reduce the risk of hacking the information stored in devices
4.Have no emotions:
In the film ‘Robot’ the character chitti a machine acquired emotions that were against the human world and lead to destruction so we can conclude that it is better than AI to have no emotions

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1.It is costly :
Machine’s infrastructure working on AI are constructed with high costed technology

2.Affects the labor jobs and employment:
As it has reduced the human work but contradicting the human labor leading to affect the job opportunities among the people who are illiterate indirectly affecting poverty graphs analytics

3.Human thinking capacity reduces:
People are now completely dependent on technology for their every single work leading to making them lazy and addiction to technology affecting the health, eyes and it has also become the time consumption.

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