A Quick Guide on SQL Injection 2021

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What is SQL Injection?

SQL injection attack, also called SQLi attack is a type of injection attack , These are actually vulnerabilities in the codes of website and web apps which allows hackers to bypass application security measures after which they are able to access, extract and delete confidential information through databases.

Here in this post we will provide a quick guide on SQL injection.

What is SQL Injection attack?

Structured Query Language(SQL), is a standard language designed to manipulate and manage databases. Databases are used to store username and passwords. These are most effective, secure solutions to store other types of data from blog post comments to confidential bank account numbers.

SQL statements use arguments to pass data from the user to a secured database or vice versa. If these arguments are not secured by prepared statements then attackers can attack this place where the app communicates with the database. Through SQL arguments attacker can gain access to confidential information and other secured servers

How lethal are SQL injection attacks?

If a SQL injection attack is completed successfully then it has potential to be incredibly harmful to any business. Once the sensitive data is compromised then it is not possible to recover that data completely.

How does SQL Injection work?

There are various types of SQL Injection attacks, here are a few variants.

SQL injection based on user input:

  • In this attack user inputs are used, web applications use forms to take user’s inputs.If web applications accept these inputs without sanitizing them then the attacker can inject SQL statements via form field and will have control over the database.

SQL injection based on cookies:

  • Web applications sometimes load cookies and use their data as part of database operations. A malicious user or virus in the user’s device could modify cookies to inject SQL in an unexpected way into the backend database.

SQL injection based on HTTP headers:

  • Server Variables such as HTTP headers can also be used for sql injection.if a website or web application accepts data from HTTP header, fake header containing SQL arguments could inject the code into the database.

Why is SQLI performed?

  1. Steal User Credentials- SQLi attacks are performed to get user credentials and use them in the wrong way.
  2. Database- These attacks could provide access to information stored in database servers. Attackers can also alter data if they get access to the database.

How to prevent SQLI Attacks?

Restrict use of Dynamic SQL

  • User provided input should not be placed directly into SQL statements.
  • Stored procedures are also usually safer than Dynamic SQL.
  • One should prefer prepared statements which are much safer.

Database permission and access should be limited

  • Set the access of the database user to the bare minimum required.
  • This will limit any attacker who tries to gain access.
  • Databases should be updated to the latest version so that attackers are not able to exploit bugs that were present in older versions.

Some procedures to prevent SQLI attacks

  1. Discover vulnerabilities
  2. Repair vulnerabilities
  3. Remediate vulnerabilities
  4. Mitigate impact

SQL injection attacks are popular methods for competitors, but by taking proper precautions by encrypting your data, you can also protect and test your web applications and make sure that you are using updated software, and take necessary steps towards keeping your data secure.




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