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The most difficult decision after you decide to choose programming as a career or passion is deciding the language to start with. There are 100s of programming languages out there but which are the right ones for the beginner? We at Terminal Stack have shortlisted 5 languages that will help you decide better which language you should choose as your first.

1. Python:

Python is a language that was made to make programming easier for non-professional developers. Are you a librarian who wants to store records of your readers, a student who wants to sort the test score sheets of your college or just an average Joe who wants to fetch API from a website and gather some data, python makes it very easy to develop automated scripts that can perform day to day tasks. It has one of the shortest and easiest syntaxes. 

Python is one of the most used and loved programming languages according to Stack overflow and Github surveys. There are thousands of free YouTube video tutorials that can help you learn python. 

If you are planning to pursue a career in Data science or Machine Learning, python will be the best language for you. Below we have listed some pros and cons of python language.


– Numerous libraries like NumPy

– Easy to learn and fast to develop

– Huge community of developers

– Open source

– Useful for machine learning (AI) and Data science


– Slow (Not good for competitive coding)

 High memory (RAM) consumption

– Not officially supported by Android and IOS

– Executes only one thread at a time

Best languages to choose as your first programming language

2. C++:

This object oriented programming language first came out in 1985 and is one of the most used and oldest languages. It is a modified version of the C programming language. C++ is very well known for its processing speed and is a highly used language in competitive coding and software development as well as game development. C++ was made by Microsoft and thus has a very high influence in the software industry.

C++ is  very easy to learn and you should choose this if you are planning to enter the world of competitive coding. 


– Object oriented

– Multi-platform compatibility

– Huge developer community

– Super fast processing

– Low memory consumption


– Pointers is a difficult concept to understand in C++

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3. JavaScript

Javascript is a language that was initially made to make websites and web apps, it was only compilable by browsers but gradually it developed as a multi platform language. After development of Javascript frameworks like Node JS, React JS, React Native, etc. you can make literally anything with Javascript.

You can make frontend of a website, backend of a website or an android/ios app. Most of the important websites that you visit on an everyday basis were made on Javascript frameworks.


– Multi-platform development

– Fairly high speed

– Used by largest software companies in the world

– Easy to learn and use

– Well documented libraries


– No Debugging facility

– Multiple inheritance is not allowed

4. Java

Java is also a well known object oriented programming language which is widely used for competitive programming and android development. Java is being replaced in the field of android development by Kotlin but still it is a very well known language. It is not very easy to pick up but is used by some big companies like Amazon for hiring.


– Allows multiple threads

– Object oriented language

– Platform Independent


– More difficult to learn 

– High memory consumption

5. Kotlin:

Kotlin is a relatively newer language but is very rapidly growing in field of android development. Google’s android studio has announced that Kotlin will be it’s official language which led to high growth in Kotlin’s dev community.

Using kotlin you can make mobile applications in less time and more easily. Kotlin is beginner friendly and can be used to make apps once learnt. Below are some of it’s pros and cons.


– Faster app development

– Rapidly growing community

– Can compile java codes

– Less bugs

– Easy to learn

So these were the top 5 programming languages that I shortlisted for you to decide your first language. The pros and cons will further help you with deciding which field to choose. In my honest opinion your first language doesn’t matter much as long as you choose one of the above five as you can switch from one language to other in very less time once you have grasp over one language.

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