5 best tech hacks in this digital world.

You are currently viewing 5 best tech hacks in this digital world.

Everyone wants to make things easier in their life. Most importantly now, when the world is digitalizing. As a result, one must be aware of the new technology coming and the new services available around and all the tech hacks that are improvised to make work simpler. So here is a Terminal Stack article about the 5 best tech hacks in this digital world.

Try using it and have fun.

1. Web Photo Editing tool: PHOTOPEA

This is the online version of photoshop. Photoshop being a paid application, it becomes difficult for some people to buy it. Instead, one can use this Photopea editing tool. It’s an exact copy of photoshop.

So, Edit your stuff, Be creative, Have fun. 

Link -> www.photopea.com

2. Text to handwriting by Saurabh Daware

      Are you bored? writing assignments that are 100 pages long! Don’t worry, here is the best hack to deal with your assignments. A lined page(or the blank page) setup is arranged there, one just needs to type your assignment. Adjust all the settings according to comfort and click on generate the image. Surprisingly, it looks the same as if you wrote it with your hands. 

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What makes it more realistic?

  • Default Handwriting fonts
  • You can also upload your Handwriting fonts.
  • Shadow effect which looks like it’s a captured image. 
  • One can also draw diagrams(but it’s a beta version)
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3. WhatsApp hack

Hack that might help you to change your life. By just turning off notifications.

Social media might be a distraction for some of you here. To focus on your work just turn notifications off. And open it only when its the free time or urgency. But what if any important work comes in? Just put a status “urgent calls only

What’s the advantage? Rather than wasting time, you will be focused on what you have to achieve.

4. N-bot Online Class Attender: 

Are you attending your online classes just for the sake of attendance or getting bored with these online classes, you don’t need to worry then. Here comes a bot that can do your work. 

It is an extension available on the google web store. Separately available for Microsoft Teams and google meet.

    Instructions for google meet bot:

1. Enter the meeting link and total time duration of the class in minutes.

2. Time should be in a 24-hour format.

3. Open https://meet.google.com and keep it open.

4. It automatically joins the meeting on the link entered, provided that the meeting has started and there are at least one or more attendees in the meeting.

5. Refresh the Google Meet page after updating the timetable

6. Please make sure you are using the English Version of Google Meet.

You may follow up on the links for more details. 

Google meet:


Microsoft Teams:


5. Web Apps by 123apps – Edit, Convert, Create

This is the solution to almost every problem these days. Whether it’s to trim audio or to convert pdf to images. Whether to edit a video or to modify a pdf. And the best part is that it won’t occupy the storage of mobile like different applications. Where it does the same work as other applications do. You won’t be able to find an app with these many bunches of tools.

Following are the web-tool provided by this website.

  1. Video tools
  • Trim & Crop
  • Rotate & Flip
  • Loop
  • Change Voice & Speed
  • Remove logo
  • Video Stabilizer 
  • Add image and text
  1. Pdf Tools
  • Split
  • Merge
  • Compress
  • Unlock & Protect
  • Rotate
  1. Pdf Conversion 
  • Pdf to Word
  • Pdf to Excel
  • Pdf to JPG
  • Pdf to png
  • Pdf to HTML

(And vice versa)

  1. Converter
  • Audio Converter
  • Video Converter
  • Document Converter
  • Font Converter
  • Image Converter
  • Ebook Converter

Visit the website for more www.123apps.com

Hope these hacks will be helpful to you. Comment down if you want more such hacks. Thank you.

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