5 best tech hacks in this digital world.

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Hello techies, Welcome to tech hacks part 2 of terminal stack’s series. We are back with more exciting technical hacks to make your work easier. In this post of the terminal stack, we again came up with a bunch of 5 tech hacks. 

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Incognito 2.0

When we anonymously search for something on the web we go for incognito mode. Right? Alternatively, you can choose a safer web browsing hack. Startpage is a #1 private browsing search engine that will protect your data and will ensure that you won’t be tracked. 

Why choose Startpage instead of incognito mode? Because it provides

  1. No collecting or selling search history
  2. Privacy protection 
  3. Encrypted connection: It hides your IP address.
  4. Blocking price trackers 
  5. Prevent online profiling: they do not analyse your data to make profiles based on your searching activities.

…and many more. 

Use of colon in the search engine Google

To search for a pdf

If you are searching for a specific pdf of some textbook or a novel, then this might reduce some work. Now, how to use it?

Just follow some simple steps below:

Step 1: Open Google

Step 2: In the search bar type-  name_of_pdf  “filetype:pdf” 

Step 3: All the relevant pdfs will appear down there. Click on any pdf according to the choice.

Step 4: Soon direct download will start. 

To find ppt online

Sometimes there is no time to make a whole ppt on your own. And most importantly when you have a deadline. As a common practice, everybody among us in this situation ran after google, or some random websites, and are now confused about what to choose between those 100s of ppts. 

Don’t worry here’s a short hack to it. Follow the steps.

Step 1: Open Google 

Step 2: In the search bar type:  name_of_ppt  “filetype:pdf” 

Step 3: Click on any ppt according to the choice.

Step 4: Soon direct download will start.

Desmos: Graphing calculator 

Do you feel difficulty in understanding mathematical equations? Don’t worry, let me tell you the solution. Rather than working on complex equations, try to solve them using graphs. And here comes an amazing graphing calculator. Desmos helps to draw various function graphs. This website not just provides you with a graphing calculator but with various different calculators.

Like as shown below

Head on to website-> Desmos

tech hacks
Best Tech Hacks

Online Shopping Hack

As we fall into the digital era, everybody wants to complete their work at their fingertips. Same with the shopping. Nowadays most people prefer online shopping. The main reason is to buy products with maximum discount. So, here is the hack to help you out. How can one buy a specific product at the least price available?

Just simply click on the link Price History

Copy product URL and paste it in the box provided.

What are its BENEFITS?

  • You could buy products at the lowest price possible.
  • It gives a detailed price list of products from the starting. 
  • You can set a reminder for a price drop.

And believe me, you will be super amazed after looking at the graph.

Welcome back to 90s TV.

It’s actually an entertainment hack. Do you miss 90s cartoons or those 90s shows? So don’t just miss it. Enjoy it again! Here comes a fabulous website that will give you the experience of watching television in the 90s. It’s a virtual TV but set up like a real one. And most importantly it’s free. 

Website -> my90stv

Thank you for reading this article and if these hacks helped you in any way do let me know in the comment section. This will motivate me to bring up more exciting tech hacks for you. Also, tell me which one among the 5 hacks you felt cool.

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