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We all have heard this a lot of times, people suggest us to learn new skills, improve our knowledge in different fields and blah blah. But no one told us about what to learn, where to learn, and what kind of knowledge we should gain. But wait, here in this post of Terminal Stack, I am going to tell you about 5 such courses which will be going to change your life.

1)   CS50:-

If you are someone who is just starting in computer science, I am telling you after watching this course you are going to fall in love with computer science, that’s how powerful and how interactive this course is. Presented by David J. Malan, you can see it on the Youtube channel called CS50 course by Harvard University. You can browse through their YouTube channel and can see all the courses. The great part about this course is that they keep on modifying, like every year they release a new course like the same but with the modified version.

             This entire course is also available on the Harvard university’s website, they do not just teach you the theoretical things but also the practical implementation is also focused there. Along with the course, there are different problem sets mentioned in each of the sections. You need to open it, submit it and along with this, you can complete the course.

One of the Amazing courses I recommend to every computer science student, please go and do it once, you are going to love it.

5 Best Online Courses

2)   Financial Education:-

     We always talk about financial literacy, financial awareness, we should know how to invest, how to save, and various things. But you might be thinking from where should we learn about that, which is the legend resource to learn about these. So here is the course for you. This is not a video course but a kind of modular e-book presented by Zerodha. Here you will find different modules, from basic to advance everything is covered there and the best part about it is that the language is so simple, so relatable, and the examples which are given in the modules are so easy to understand from tip to toe. Everything is covered here. I really loved the way how they presented each and every module, I keep on reading various modules and I am enjoying it a lot. I recommend you as well do check it out.

3)   Successful Negotiation:-

                            In our day-to-day life, we know how important negotiation is. Like we negotiate with our friends, landlord, teacher, etc, and every time you just keep on negotiating here and there. So can we learn this skill in a manner where we will become pro. Let me tell you one more thing either it’s your business, or you are going to do the corporate job, this skill is going to help you a lot. So this course is available on Coursera named successful negotiation: essential strategies and skills. This is one of the best course on Coursera. I will highly recommend you to go through this course.

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4)   The Science of well-being:-

We generally think if we start earning more we will be happier. That’s what this course is about. It’s actually not about reaching a destination but actually a journey of how our life should be. The course name is The Science of well-being. Once you do this course I am pretty sure it’s going to change your perspective about looking at different things in life that’s simple this course is.

5)   Learning how to learn:-

Now we got a lot of information regarding different courses like we should do this and a lot of other things. But have you ever thought isn’t important to understand how to learn? So here I have told you about this amazing course where the instructor is talking about how our brain uses two different learning modes and how it actually wraps the different information together. So this course is on Coursera named Learning How to Learn. You can see a lot of people have already enrolled in that course. Let me tell you one thing, this is an important skill to have, we tend to think that learning, time management, productivity, etc. are not that important rather than other skills. But once you understand how your brain learns, how you can learn too fast, you are going to learn the rest of the skills more productively and faster. So you should definitely check out this amazing course at Coursera which is absolutely free.


So all the courses which I have listed above will help you increase your knowledge and will help you to learn new skills. Do check out all the courses!




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