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So you’re thinking about making a few bucks as a freelance writer and you’re on hunt to discover the most profitable freelance writing niche? 

Then you’re at the right place!

Because in this article of terminal stack we’ve covered everything you need to know about freelance writing.

By the time you’re done reading this you’ll know 12 profitable freelance niches and plenty of opportunities for paid writing work.

What is freelance writing?

In layman’s terms freelance writing simply means getting paid to write words and sentences online, which satisfies the needs of your client. It is one of the most popular way to make money online.

Every article you read on the internet, some random gossip about celebrities, every piece of news, advertisements, magazine updates etc. are written by someone out there and they’re paid to do so!

What is the freelance writing niche?

This is just the topic or area around which your work is gonna be centered about. 

How to choose a profitable writing niche?

  • A profitable niche is one in which demand is higher than supply. If the supply is higher then that niche becomes saturated and doesn’t pay well.
  • Check the paying scales of other freelancers of the same niche.
  • Check the market for your niche

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Most profitable freelance writing niches to work in 2021

Note: This is not an arranged list. 

Blog post writing/SEO writing

Blog posts are the long form of content usually 2000+ words long

And they usually tend to pay big bucks because blog posts aren’t ”one and done” content, thus clients in this niche offer consistent work!

Plus if you know seo writing, then you can be a huge asset for your client as he/she will be receiving passive income from the traffic driven to his post due to your content. Thus you’ll be receiving a great amount in return.


Ghostwriting is the most lucrative and one of the highest paying niches. It specifically means writing “anonymously” and as your name wouldn’t be there you can charge a high amount for your work.

The pay scale of ghostwriter ranges around $30,000 ~$35,000

But the catch here is that you can’t reveal your work or name of the client once it has been published. Thus you can’t even add it in your portfolio and all credit of your work goes to your client.

So if you prefer to stay anonymous for your work, you should consider this. 

White paper

White paper comprises well-structured and sophisticated content used for marketing.

It is an in depth report of an industry issue, their solutions, map of an industry trend etc. which can be easily understood by the user.

Businesses use white papers to grow their email lists and attract potential customers.

Pay Scale: $2500-$5000/month or more

Good thing about this is that you don’t have to be an expert in writing in this niche because the content and source will be provided by the client itself , you just need to put up the info the way your client wants. 

SaaS Content 

Naah, I’m not talking about sassy content here!  Though that would’ve been great 🙂

SaaS stands for software as a service, which means companies that sell software as a service. 

This is not a “content specific” niche like case studies or white papers – it’s an industry you can write different types of content for!

You can write newsletters,blog posts, pitch a company’s product and get paid for it!

Video scripts

In this digital era more and more businesses are seeking the potential of online marketing. 

Video making as the next gen content is dominating the market and various social media platforms are incorporating videos. Thus you can do script writing for following projects:

  • YouTube video
  • Interviews
  • Courses/tutorials
  • Promotional campaigns
  • Tripwire video
  • Sales page video copy

This is a hugely profitable niche with rates between $.30-0.70 a word.

Email sequences

A lot of companies and organizations use email marketing for promotion of their products and services.

Many bloggers, freelance authors, entrepreneurs also do the same. 

So if you can write emails/sales funnel sequences or launch campaigns that may convert a lead to potential customers then you could make a lot of money. You should have knowledge of copywriting to get gigs in this niche.

Projects you can do:

  • Newsletters
  • Email sales funnel copy
  • Landing page copy 
  • Marketing materials

Case studies

Case studies is one amongst the highly popular freelancing niche and will always be. 

It serves as social proof and drives sales in huge demand. Basically these are customer’s testimonies written in a more elaborate way.

If you love to narrate stories you can write about customer’s transformation rather than writing a sentence or two.

It involves

  • Real life challenge
  • Solutions available
  • results
  • Conclusion

Pay Scale: $750-$1500

Moreover, if you’ve a blog in that niche you can publish the case study on your blog itself and the client pays you more for it.

Business plan writing

It is basically a roadmap for startups and small businesses to succeed 

So if you know about

  • How will their product be beneficial for customers?
  • What marketing strategies should they follow?
  • Which audience shall they target?
  • What would be the budget and cost? Etc.

Then you can begin with this niche. Sure you need to have some knowledge about this. As writing a business plan isn’t simple. It requires expertise in that field. 

Pay Scale:$5000-$20,000 (for a complete business plan)

Press release writing

A press release contains a short information or message that conveys a particular information.

It could be a launch of a new product, an important event etc.

It is basically represented through mass media coverage, digital magazines, television etc.

Many big companies and businessmen hire press writers and the pay scale is considerably higher.

Sales page

Sales pages or landing pages are used to convert leads.

It is amongst the most profitable freelancing niche as It has the potential to bring $100000~$500000 for your client. So you can guess how valuable it is!

Most sales page copywriters charge around $5000.

But you need to have excellent copywriting skills to write posts that will actually convert leads.

EBook writing

This is one of my favorite niche to make money. 

According to a report , the EBook industry makes more than $4 billion in the US alone. 

So this niche has great potential. There are many websites which use email marketing to provide free Ebooks, thus they need authors to provide content for them. Or you can also publish your own eBook and make extra money.


Infographics are widely used to express any idea through images including graphs and stats. They’re wildly going viral everywhere, promoting the sponsoring companies. Thus businesses pay handsomely for a well written and designed infographic.

How to make freelance writing your career?

  1. Select a specific niche of your choice and get specialized in that particular niche.

Learn a lot. Write a lot 

  1. Learn how to bring results for your clients.
  2.  You’ve to learn how to get more clients searching your service and sell your writing.


We’ve mentioned the niche which is in trend right now. But you need to find your niche according to your passion and the demand of the client. That’s how you can grow your freelance career exponentially. 

The most important thing is to stick to one niche and have expertise in that.

Keep in mind that the closer your writing type is to make sales the higher it pays.

If you’ve any questions regarding freelance niche writing you can ask them in the comment section.

Thank you so much for reading!



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