10 best things to experience while completing a degree!

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Colleges are always being fascinating. It’s about experiencing things, learning, friendship, entertainment, etc. So what are the best things one must do? Let us find out the 10 best things to experience while completing a degree!

  1. Personality development

It includes exploring talents inside you, converting weaknesses into strengths, acquiring new skills like

  • Leadership
  • Problem-solving
  • Teamwork 
  • Communication skill
  • Being an active listener 
  • Learning Programming languages 
  • Affiliate marketing 

It’s not at all necessary to have these skills. Every individual is with their skillset. One just needs to enhance it, Find it, And make most of it.

For example, if someone is shy, he/she should try to present a project or anything before your class. Or you should try participating in a debate competition, it will boost up your confidence level.


  1. Learn to live independently

Don’t depend on anyone. Try to do your things by yourself! After 18 I think it’s a must. Everybody should face those problems to improve soft skills like decision making. For instance, Basic things like washing clothes, having enough knowledge about cooking so that one can fill their hunger.

“Don’t be scared to walk alone. Don’t be scared to like it.”

John Mayer
  1. Exploring skills

We have talked about skills earlier in this article but How do we explore them?  So here are some things you should do.

  1. Join a club community

There can be many clubs like astronomy, singing, drama, entrepreneurship, art club. You may find common interest people here. 

  1. Practice hard on the skill you are working on.

Like if you are focusing on learning programming languages you should regularly solve problems.

  1. Choose a subject outside of the curriculum

 Come out of your comfort zone. Besides college studies, seek additional subjects taught in your colleges otherwise search outside. Like if you want to do advertising, get enrolled in a digital marketing course or communication class and learn it.

  1. Learning from seniors

Whenever you start with something, many questions arise in your mind like how to do it? When to start? What to start? What are the good things to do and what are not? Where will you find the accurate stuff? 

The simple answer to these questions is A PROPER GUIDANCE. And where will you get that? The seniors around you. The expertise of people in your college who are learning similar things as you are. But, too many guides will confuse you, so choose only one and that too wisely.

  1. Earn your keep


  • To fulfill your expenses and over expenses too 
  • It is an extra profit. As in studies + money.
  • Enhances your practical knowledge.


Nowadays, there are many ways to earn money. 

  • By utilizing your skills. For example, if you know web development, you can start making money through it.
  • Freelancing 

Need more ways to earn? Click on


  1. The internship is a must!

Paid or free internship? Anytype of internship that suits the skill set, you should choose. 


  • Gets work experience
  • Builds your teamwork ability
  • Gets a basic structure or idea for future jobs.
  1. Think for a startup or a project with your colleague

This blog site is the best example. Working with people having a common interest will help in encouragement and motivation. This will aim towards collaborative work and teamwork skills. 

  1. Learn time management

Yeah, that’s the most important thing to learn how to manage time. It is simple, MAKE A PLAN DAILY AND CHASE IT. Chasing is the adventurous part.

  1. Unleash the fun part of college

Apart from academics, enjoying college is also important. Enjoy every phase and every moment of life. Things to do is as follows:

  1. Night outs

From sunset to sunrise, admiring the sky, making unforgettable memories, watching a movie with friends. The next day you might get tired but I bet, you won’t regret it. ( Just don’t make it a habit)

  1. Road trip with friends

Every student once dreamed of going on a road trip. With unfamiliar destinations on their list. 

  1. Enjoy the events and programs happening throughout the year

In many colleges, many sports events and cultural events take place. Try to participate in it as per your interest. One can develop many skills through this.

4. Campus couple

Don’t pressurize yourself to find the one, but also don’t hesitate to love in college. 





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