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       Now-a-days E-learning has gained momentum. For this, one is in quest of reliable and best online apps and websites. So, Terminal Stack is here to help you out. Below are some of the best apps to start learning and explore.

  • SoloLearn

     SoloLearn was founded by Yeva Hyusyan and David Kocharayan in 2014. The tagline “Learn to Code” itself says it all. Sololearn is the best platform to start learning coding for beginners. SoloLearn provides free learning of programming languages such as HTML, CSS, Python and many more. Premium subscription is also available which include additional features and  have monthly and yearly plans too. 

  • LinkedIn Learning

          LinkedIn Learning provides instructional videos covering the technology, business and creative skills. The app is free to download with videos of courses. Additional features are unlocked using a subscription plan. Also, the certificate of completion of course is added to your LinkedIn profile thus making it stronger. 

  • edX

       edX is one of the trusted online learning platforms.  Courses available are related to computer science, engineering, business management, humanities. Almost all the courses are free but to get a verified certificate one needs to pay.

  • Kahoot

          Kahoot is a game based learning platform which is free to use on android, iphone and desktops. This platform allows teachers, organizations to create, play, share quizzes amongst the students and unleash the fun in classrooms. The best part is you get to know correct answers and your score at the same time.

  • Duolingo

          It is an American- language learning app and website. It is fun as it includes games and regular assessments maintain the competitive and learning spirit of the user. It is an easy to use app. It teaches around 15+ languages and has millions of active users all around the world.

  • Mathway

        Are you afraid of Mathematics and find it difficult to solve the problems? No worries. Here is the top math problem solver, Mathway. You just need to type a question or point your camera towards the question and the answer is there. Detailed step wise solutions and formulas used are available. Just give it a go.

  • Google Keep

                It is one of the best tools to keep your reminders for the entire to do list. It also provides location and time reminders. Google also offers a web clipper that lets you save text, articles and images. 

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  • Star walk

          Are you interested in astronomy and love star gazing? Then here is a guide for you, Star walk. Simply install the app and point your device towards the sky and it will show you names of all the stars, planets and galaxies. If you point your device towards the ground it shows stars in the other hemisphere. 

  • TED Talks

             TED stands for Technology Entertainment Design. These three aspects contribute a lot in shaping our world and hence are the most discussed topic over the internet. TED speakers inform and educate the audience in an accessible way. If you are curious to know how all this goes, install TED. It’s absolutely free to access the videos.

  • RealCalc Scientific Calculator

          Not willing to invest in a real-hand calculator which costs too much? Here you have a RealCalc: A scientific calculator. The features include unit conversion, traditional algebraic operations and the most important scientific, engineering and fixed point display modes. 

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